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Message Subject North Korea War - Terrifying Admission - Five Million Suicide Bombers Ready To Attack USA and South Korea
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Just make it very clear to these lunatics that any suicide mission sanctioned by their government will result in their country being obliterated.
 Quoting: BadMoonRising 4583236

Thing is they dont care, willing to die for the cause.
 Quoting: Robert The Bobert

He really means, they would rather die explosively than live under NK conditions. I can't blame them. Perhaps as they are running through the free country and personally see that all they have been told since birth is lies, maybe they will surrender in hopes of becoming a prisoner. At least they would eat three times a day. Win win!
 Quoting: Uninterested3rdParty

Brilliant addition to a deeper insight into NK living realities.
Maybe even the chubby little toy man Il wants out subconsciously.
Blowing things up is attractive to everybody when it comes to thoughts of freeing oneself from an imposed paradigm.

Still, NK is all talk with no understanding of countries outside their borders to which they impose all kinds of projections.
Same as the MSM is doing in compliance with nwo agenda.

Surprisingly, we're not much different.

Yet I don't think NK has understanding or skill to attack anyone effectively. They just don't.
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