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My Word like a mist, which will cover the earth. PRAYER IS THE KEY TO ENTRY INTO PARADISE!!!

Anonymous Coward
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United States
04/12/2013 02:18 PM
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My Word like a mist, which will cover the earth. PRAYER IS THE KEY TO ENTRY INTO PARADISE!!!
Lates from Maria Divine Mercy!

God Bless you ALL!!!

My beloved daughter, as the Flames of the Holy Spirit engulfs those humble souls who read these Messages, so too will be the spread of global conversion. The Holy Word of God is like a powerful gust of wind, which brings with it and “to” all those souls in its wake, the fruits of plenitude.

From those first seeds planted, a multitude of fruits have grown, which cover every nation, including those under communist regime.

My daughter, as My Holy Word grips the minds and souls of every creed, it will cut like a sword though those nations who turn their backs on Me, your beloved Father. So, when the hatred increases against you, know that My Holy Word, to help save souls, is succeeding,

You, My messenger, are but an instrument. This Mission is not about you. It is not about the enlightenment of your soul, for this is not My objective, although this is pleasing to Me. You, My daughter, as the final messenger, must only convey to the world the Messages you are being given, for the good of mankind. Your opinions, and your advice to others, is of no importance and you do not have the authority to share any such human views with others.

When the Voice of God reaches the hearts of man, it multiplies within the souls of many. It is My Goodness, as the Loving Father of the whole of humanity, which allows for these great blessings.

As foretold, great miracles will be witnessed by those who have been given the Gift of the Holy Spirit through this Mission. I bless all of those who scatter and spread My Messages, for their efforts will yield My Word like a mist, which will cover the earth.

To those who have waited the Gift of Conversion – those poor empty souls of Mine – I tell you now. I, Your Loving Father, promise you that I will embrace you and open your hearts when you say this prayer

God the Father: Prayer for the Key to the New Paradise

Dear Father, it is I, your lost child, who, so confused and blind, that

without Your Help, Your Love, I am nothing.

Save me through the Love of Your Son, Jesus Christ, and give me the

Key to Your New Paradise on Earth. Amen.

Children, I will bless you and protect you. You are Mine – all of you. While I pine for you and weep for those of you who hate Me, I will use My Almighty Power to unlock your hardened hearts so that I can bequeath to you the inheritance, which I have lovingly Created.

My Intervention, by revealing to you events to come, will help you to understand how much I love you. When these events unfold before your eyes, I will be waiting for you to come to Me with love and trust in your souls.

Your beloved Father

God the Most High


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