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Message Subject Transcending the ego, or enlightenment. Have you experienced or glimpsed this?
Poster Handle numewenon
Post Content
I had a very good glimpse of this.

I smoked some marijuana and Then I stared at a bottle of water for 30 minutes straight. During this time I began to not "recognize" my own living room. It was more like seeing my living room from neutral eyes, without judgement. I knew it was "my" living room, but that very thought was neutral as well. Every so often I would get back into thinking normally and panic, but then finally I decided to give in to the experience.

The experience climaxed with my whole being "dissolving" into a fractal vortex thing. There was very weird imagery and digital-like musical tones. It was not really beautiful; it was more "quirky" than anything. I felt like I was spending forever (literally) in this vortex. However, I somehow (obviously) returned to normal reality. It felt like what I imagine it would be like to be born again.

When I returned, I was not really here. I was watching "myself" (what I assume to be my ego) operating completely independently of "my" control. She was saying all the things she would have said if i were "operating" her, but it seemed so automatic. I also felt the feelings, but more so as an observer. I cannot describe this very well with earthly words, but I guess the best analogy would be watching your own life through a glass window, listening to it with speakers, and feel, tasting, and smelling it through some sort of filter that was completely detached from the real me.

It was scaring the shit out of my ego. She was panicking like crazy. She was yelling at everyone in the room, telling everyone what just happened and that "Holy fuck! Everyone has 2 people inside them". I guess that is the conclusion my brain drew? *shrug*

It was not my panic though. I didn't really care. I just felt a nice dreamy feeling most of the time.

I finally caught back up with my ego, however, and joined in the panic. Everyone told me that I looked oxygen deprived. I stumbled into the kitchen to gulp down water. I then laid on the couch and felt super fucked up for a while.

After a while my high went away and I was normal me again.

That's my experience.
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