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Message Subject Transcending the ego, or enlightenment. Have you experienced or glimpsed this?
Poster Handle truthandrevolution7
Post Content
The white light

I have transcended the ego and superego. Its gonna sound odd when I say this but I did it with the help of acid. I went through something called an ego death during the trip and when I came back to reality I saw life through different eyes. Everything was tinted white and everything was perfect beautiful and peaceful and it was clear that love was the answer to every piece of lifes mysteries. Take it foe what it is but no sober person can ascend consciously as high as I did without the help of acid. I went through an extremely bad trip to come out on top of the world. I could never truly explain what I saw and how perfect everything was but the white light is something only 3% of people who trip on acid reach. I like to call what I reached that one time...christ consciousness
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