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Message Subject Transcending the ego, or enlightenment. Have you experienced or glimpsed this?
Poster Handle Marie
Post Content
One exercise I use that has helped a lot and came to me during a really anxious and hard time was, I imagined I was a spiritual being viewing myself and circumstances from above, then I made the choice to enter "my" body and feel and see, and experience it all. I would approach and feel it all as brand new, as something I chose to experience in full awareness.

It's a great short cut into learning true mindfulness and conscious living.
 Quoting: Marie 32913103

It's just my random thoughts but maybe it'd help us to imagine -in a similar way- that all of us are part of ONE spiritual being and view the Earth and its circumstances before we make a choice to enter our bodies again?
 Quoting: 701st

I've also thought this. It's a fascinating thought. The mystery of all that can be is so full of wonder. Wonder is something we should never lose.
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