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Message Subject Transcending the ego, or enlightenment. Have you experienced or glimpsed this?
Poster Handle numewenon
Post Content
Some really interesting experiences. I find my ego majorly panics when I become too aware. Not sure ill get thru that panic but I'm trying.

Now when I was around 9, I saw several orbs in person. Back then the term wasn't even used that I knew of. They were bright white light, about the size of a basketball and above me. It scared me sooo much. Even now I would question the memory but an adult with me saw them also. Many years later I saw a documentary on tv that talked about orbs. I freaked and said THAT'S what I saw!! Now I don't know what they were, but I can say that experience gave me hope there was more to this existence at some very low and dark times.
 Quoting: Marie 32913103

Panicing means you're getting close. That ego does not want to let go.

You literally have to let go of "yourself". That's what it feels like you are doing anyway. Just stop caring. Stop worrying about the unknown. Nothing can happen... rather nothing can't happen because nothing does not exist. The panic is fear of death. There is no death, just separation (or something).
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