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10 Stupid and Ridiculous Laws No One Should Care About

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 37061786
United States
04/13/2013 01:13 PM
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10 Stupid and Ridiculous Laws No One Should Care About
10 Stupid and Ridiculous Laws No One Should Care About

by Staff Writers

Imagine a world without laws. At a glance, such a world would be very exciting. Yet, if you think about all the chaos and bedlam that would be a constant presence in the same situation, youíll want to weigh things differently.

However, while most laws are created to ensure that everything is in order, there are some of them that are just too absurd to even contemplate. Here are ten stupid and ridiculous laws that no one should care about:

1. In France, no pig should carry the name of Napoleon
Not a Pig Named Napolean

Not a Pig Named Napolean (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Of course, almost everyone knows of Napoleon Bonaparte, who was one of the greatest generals and emperors to ever be a part of French history. He was a prominent figure in the Napoleonic Wars, which happened from 1799 to 1815, and was able to conquer a great portion of Europe before being defeated by the Duke of Wellington at Waterloo.

Granted, Napoleon Bonaparte deserves a lot of respect for playing a huge role in forming French history, but hey, banning pigs from being named Napoleon may be taking things too far. Luckily, no one really takes this law seriously nowadays, if they even know about it in the first place.

2. In California, a vehicle without a driver is not allowed to go beyond 60 miles per hour.

Going 60
How many times a day do you encounter a vehicle without a driver exceeding ZERO miles per hour? Unless you live in in the future, you probably donít see much of those around. For the sake of discussion, imagine a vehicle without a driver going beyond the set limit. Who would the law enforcers take into custody? Who would face trial or pay for the fines? Certainly not the bystanders, right? No one will be held accountable, lest the vehicle was intentionally put into motion by someone who aimed to do damage to another personís property or life.

Although this law is ridiculous now, it may not be ridiculous for long. Google has been testing self-driving cars on actual roads. In the (distant) future, vehicles without a driver might actually be something feasible and this law might actually apply.

3. In Alabama, youíll be apprehended if you have an ice cream cone in your back pocket.
Ice Cream Cone

Ice Cream Cone
Ice cream cones are definitely one of the best products to ever hit the market. They make eating ice cream enjoyable and bring the experience to greater heights. Yet, as much as ice cream cones are loved by practically everyone, who in their right minds would have an ice cream cone in their back pockets? Itís not as if they are condoms, ready to be taken out of the wallet whenever the need arises. This begs the question: why was this ridiculous law ever written?

4. In Hawaii, a resident who does not own a boat may be fined.

Boats in Hawaii (Photo credit: Let Ideas Compete)
Ever heard of this one? Okay, so Hawaii is an island, and a boat may be particularly useful for residents to own. However, is that enough reason to have non-owners pay a fine? Isnít that a bit too much? What if those ďlaw-breakersĒ just canít afford a boat? What if those ďcriminalsĒ just really do not care to bother with the upkeep and maintenance involved in possessing such a craft? Stupid laws like this may sound funny, but they can be a nuisance as well.

5. In Florida, you are not allowed to have sex with a porcupine

Not something you want to have sex with (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Even in your sickest sexual fantasies, have you ever thought about banging a porcupine? The thought, though mildly intriguing, just doesnít cross any sane personís mind. Sure, youíd probably argue that maybe, just maybe, people with masochistic tendencies would get a kick out of the idea. Yet, those same people would probably just stick to the usual (if such a term can be used) methods of having sex with a sadistic and willing partner. But wait, is having sex with a porcupine even anatomically possible? HmmmÖ

6. In Nova Scotia, Canada, it is against the law to water the grass when it is raining
rain and lawn

Donít water this lawn if youíre in Nova Scotia
When you think about preserving water and the benefits of allocating resources properly, this law may not seem that stupid. Nevertheless, when was the last time you rushed out of your house to water the grass when the skies were already doing the very same thing? It is probably safe to say that you canít remember such a time. More than likely, you were snuggling under the warm covers of your bed instead of engaging in the said prohibited act.

7. In Massachusetts, you canít have a gorilla in the back seat of your car

This guy wants to get in your backseat.
Clearly, someone has been watching way too much television. But for argumentís sake, say you have a pet gorilla, and you want to take it with you wherever you go. The law doesnít say anything about not having it in the front seat, so go ahead and buckle its seat belt! However, donít let your imagination run wild. The chance of you owning a pet gorilla is very slim to none so worrying about this ridiculous law isnít even rational.

8. In New York, jumping off a building is punishable by death

Jumping off can earn you the death sentence. Do you think a person who jumps off a tall building will still be around to face the death penalty imposed by this law? Or do the authors of this law think itís fun to prosecute a mangled and lifeless body while the mourners are crying their hearts out? Granted, the law acts as a deterrent for anyone who wishes to commit suicide. However, a person who really wants to die will be delighted to have the authorities finish the job in case jumping doesnít cut it.

9. In Vermont, underwater whistling is prohibited

Just donít do it underwater. If you know anyone whoís able to whistle underwater, you should probably help him escape Vermont, hire a showbiz manager, and show the world his amazingly unique talent. Heíd probably make millions out of this particularly rare gift, and you would be right beside him enjoying the fruits of your labors.

10. In Virginia, it is against the law to tickle women
girls tickling

Virginia donít want none of this. If you love to tickle people, you should probably limit yourself to tickling just men in the state of Virginia. It isnít clear how this law came into being, and even feminists and radicals would have a hard time deciding whether this stupid law is against or for women.

Most laws and rules are implemented for the good of the public. However, there are laws that are just so preposterous to even think think of. What could the legislators have been thinking when they passed the bill in the first place? Well, your guess is just as good as mine.