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Subject More Substantial Evidence that two Women might have been Abducted by Aliens from City Park in New Orleans - UFO - Extraterrestrial
Poster Handle Charles
Post Content
The possibility that aliens abducted two women from city park in New Orleans captured my interest at first and now it has my full attention!

UPDATE: I just found a video that shows incredible UFO footage captured near Harrison ave & City Park here in New Orleans. The exact area where Miss Monette went missing! I noticed that it was published on April 12, 2013. Could it be because they noticed my videos about this case and wanted to show evidence? I don't know. But the video claims the footage was captured on August 20, 2012 at City Park. If this is correct then this is SOLID evidence to help support my theory further! It looks like the person that posted the video has been on the Coast to Coast radio show. But I am not the person he talks about on that show.

*** Either way I still have lot's of evidence to support my theory!***

To see all the evidence of my theory ((please see the video links below)). This is simply to much evidence to ignore this possiblity! I am going to go back to this area at night and capture more videos! I do not suggest anyone hang around city park at night here until we are certain that alien abduction are not taking place here!

The date that the most recent woman vanished from city park is the exact day 6 years later (March 2) that I witnessed an animal and ghostly car vanish from an area in the New Orleans area. All evidence of what I witnessed vanished 10 hours after the occurence! There is a large triangle shaped UFO that appears in the sky over the animal that I have a digital image of on March 2, 2007. Zoologists cannot identify this animal and the car is ghostly. The next day there was NO blood stains on the road where the animal was from the night before! And an image of an alien appears on the side of the ghostly car. I spoke with the police office that patrolled that area of the highway that night and he saw nothing! I believe he was being truthful with me. And all evidence of what I witnessed that night seems to have vanished! (I have videos of the amimal and car, etc) I posted a youtube video in December of 2012 explaining that something of great significance would occur on March 2, 2013. What I find interesting is this is the exact date Miss Monette vanished from city park here in New Orleans. Now of course this is also the date that the Pope announced his resignation which shocked the world! In the video title I have the date of March 2, 2013 but in the video I state two days before or two days after. The pope made his announcement two days before March 2, 2013. So this also fits what I state in the video. video link below

[link to youtu.be]

Two women have vanished from the City Park area here in New Orleans in less than one years time! The second lady being Kamanthe Landry. She vanished while riding her bike thru city park and neither her or her bike has been found since the date she went missing on April 12, 2012. The most recent woman to vanish from city park here is Terrilyn Monette on March 2, 2013. After she turned left on Marconi Drive by city park she and her 2012 Honda Black two-door vehicle vanished! She has not been seen or heard from since!Police state that surveillance cameras show that Miss Monette was not being followed that night by any vehicles, etc! The direction she was headed was towards her apartment which is only about 3 miles from where she left Parlays bar near Marconi drive. (celebrating a teacher of the year nomination) If she was headed home she would pass thru a main area of city park on her way home that night.

Miss Monette and both Miss Landry seem to be mentally stable individuals! No reason for them to vanish on their own accord! One was a school teacher and the other was a minister here in the New Orleans area. Both seemed to be happy and loved living in New Orleans!

Equusearch did extensive searching of all waterways near city park trying to find Miss Monette's vehicle and they found many cars but not Miss Monette's!

City park has been searched numerous times by search teams here but NO evidence of Miss Monette has been found to date! But oddly a few days ago the following news story broke in this case:

News headline:

"Mysterious clearing in City Park baffles police dogs searching for missing teacher"

A tarp-covered clearing in an otherwise overgrown area of City Park has attracted the attention of three different teams of police dogs searching for a teacher who has been missing for more than a month, but all investigators have been able to find under the earth is discarded cooking oil, officials said Friday.

The first dogs to find the location belonged to a private team during initial searches for missing teacher Terrilynn Monnette about four weeks ago, NOPD Special Operations Division Commander John Thomas told the department leadership during their weekly meeting Friday. NOPD then requested the assistance of a police dog team from St. Charles Parish, and those dogs alerted to the exact same spot, Thomas said.

The area is totally cleared of any plants, though it is completely surrounded by weeds, Thomas said. It’s marked by a small black tarp, and the ground appears as though it had recently been turned over, he said. Investigators believe someone may have been living there.

When investigators from the coroner’s office dug up the spot, however, all they found was a repository of cooking grease that had been poured into the earth there, Thomas said. Superintendent Ronal Serpas asked Thomas if trained dogs are known to mistake grease for bodies, and Thomas said no — they are actually supposed to distinguish between humans and animals.

“It’s just something about the way the grease breaks down that has the dogs were hitting on it,” Thomas suggested.

Since then, a new company of dogs has searched City Park, and Thomas asked the third group to inspect the area as well. They, too, lit on the same location, Thomas said, but another search turned up nothing.

As the search for Monnette continues, NOPD Officer Garry Flot said the location will remain in consideration.

“We’re not ruling anything out,” Flot said.

I say: This cleared out area that has weeds surrounding it could be a UFO landing area! And the cooking oil in the ground they found...this could be UFO craft fuel! These dogs are trained to pick up on human scents of the missing person they are searching for! Different sets of search dogs on numerous occassions hit on this same area that is cleared out in a remote area of city park! These dogs were lead to this area with their sensitive smelling abilities because they believe this is where Miss Monette was recently!

I recently drove thru city park twice to give those interested in this case a view of the area that Miss Monette drove the night she vanished. On my night drive I found city park very dark and spooky! I picked up on VERY STRONG feelings the night I drove thru the park! A feeling of something very stange and unusual that has been occuring in this park! The only other car in the park that night was a police car. I have always had a unique connection to things that would be considered paranormal type occurrences. See video link below..

[link to youtu.be]

If these women were abducted from city park let's hope they come back safely like Travis Walton did eventually!

In a recent video about this case where I talk about possible alien abductions at city park... I had my ghostbox P-SB7 on! The same type ghost box that Zac uses on Ghost Adventures. I have also had great results with this device since purchasing it a few weeks ago. In the video I captured what sounds like alien voices trying to communicate with me! It is very stange but also very obvious to hear! see video link below..

[link to youtu.be]

The following is my most recent video where I talk about evidence in regards to possible alien abduction in city park here in New Orleans. All of the above evidence is simply top much to ignore! Charles Walton

[link to youtu.be]
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