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Koreans have won, and they did not even fire a shot.


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04/15/2013 01:26 AM

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Koreans have won, and they did not even fire a shot.
With all the threats that have come out of Korea, they made their point and now, the whole world knows that they have the Mega powers right where they want them. They have said to the world, look, we have nukes and we can make the world pay us Not to Fire them. If you want weapons, we can sell them to you, if you want to send something into space, we have the launch pad to send it there for you.

To make things even worse, North Korea is the Leader in Smuggling to all of the countries that need anything from drugs to weapons. You want it smuggled, they will do it for you. Iran, Syria and any other country that does not want to play by the rules. In a short, they have told them that even though they are a small country, they can make the Big Countries pay them to not push the button.

Strangely, Junior (Kim) has not been seen in the last two weeks. Did China call him in to face the music and tell him to back off? Good question. Watch, in the next three weeks, they are going to 'pretend' that nothing happened and not even mention their stories that they are going to make the US Cities Seas of Fire....just watch and listen.
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