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Financial Flse Flag comming Soon

LT Prepper
Offer Upgrade

User ID: 10231088
United States
04/15/2013 01:42 AM
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Financial Flse Flag comming Soon
Wrote this last August...we're almost there:
It is a Thursday afternoon, mid April, and you are driving home from work. Your wife calls you and asks you to stop at the supermarket for a few items. As you are getting the bread and milk, a disturbance begins at the front of the store. As you approach the check-out, you realize that the lines are way too long, and there are several people complaining. From the dialogue you realize that the Credit/Debit system is down. The store manager is trying to keep people calm, while on the phone with the company that services the card-reader system for electronic payments.

Now, a new line is forming at the ATM machine in the store, people shoving and yelling. Apparently, folks went to the ATM so they could pay for their items with cash and get home. Strangely, the ATM is giving out too much money – double, to be exact. Suddenly, everyone wants to be in that line… a fight breaks out, and the front of the store becomes mayhem. You quickly pay for the items you have, going through the express checkout, thanking God that you have cash in your wallet, and get the heck out of the store.

By the time you get home, a story is breaking on the news – the same strange events are happening all over the state. Credit/Debit systems down, and most ATMs not functioning, while others are dispensing “free” money. Later in the evening, you hear that there have been multiple shootings at ATMs in the area, as people fight over the free money coming out of them… flash mobs are reported at some of the grocery and electronics stores in the city where you work.

RTWT - Thread: A Scenario (Financial False Flag)

Hope you're ready for this - [link to ncrenegade.com]

Because the last bricks are being set in place -
Look for an event March 10th-12th, and for the resulting 'fire' to grow out of hand between March 13th and 26th, with a focal event likely on March 20th. Contagion goes global March 28th-30st...Full blown collapse by May 15th.
 Quoting: LT Prepper

Thread: There is a Run on Physical Gold and Silver! That's why the Feds are Attacking It!

Last Edited by LT Prepper on 04/15/2013 02:20 AM
LT Prepper (OP)

User ID: 10231088
United States
04/15/2013 10:57 AM
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Re: Financial Flse Flag comming Soon
Gold will be dragged down to ~$1200, and Silver to $19.00 in the next 24 hours as the manipulators struggle to avoid delivering any more physical metals. The absolutely do not care about the "price" of the metals, as long as they are taking them in...not giving them up.

Remember, very soon, possession will *BE* the law. They want to have possession of the hard money, when the paper burns...
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 37700820
United States
04/15/2013 11:06 PM
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Re: Financial Flse Flag comming Soon
Well, not much time left!
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 34488577
United States
04/15/2013 11:19 PM
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Re: Financial Flse Flag comming Soon
"Contagion goes global"

Is anyone remembering how that contained laboratory virus went "missing" the other day?
User ID: 48076513
United States
10/08/2013 11:24 PM
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Re: Financial Flse Flag comming Soon
Gold will be dragged down to ~$1200, and Silver to $19.00 in the next 24 hours as the manipulators struggle to avoid delivering any more physical metals. The absolutely do not care about the "price" of the metals, as long as they are taking them in...not giving them up.

Remember, very soon, possession will *BE* the law. They want to have possession of the hard money, when the paper burns...
 Quoting: LT Prepper

Seems that this guy was right... we're there right now, about the possession part. Paper markets not delivering contracts and such.

What else was he right about? Because if this is a valid sample, then we really should be concerned...

Clinton tried everything 0bama is now doing, and when it didn't work, we got 9/11 as both cover for the real culprits behind it all, and as punishment for the American people -
Assault Weapons Ban
Community Reinvestment Act
Universal Healthcare / HIPAA(AS)
Multiple government "reforms" that led to more regulations on real people...
Massive increases in FED.GOV spending, massive increases in taxes
Presidential Improprieties and scandals leading to Impeachment
Waco, Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma City, Columbine, and other "domestic terrorism" events
Racial divisions like the Rodney King riots and the events in Atlanta in the mid-90s
Thread: Rumors swirling about of US downgrade!!! UNITED STATES CREDIT DEFAULT SWAPS RISE 30% ON DEBT CEILING ANGST!!! DOW -182.. 14,947!!! (Page 6)

Since they have been busy training federal agents and police swat teams in the use of militray-grade chemical weapons for a decade, perhaps you should ask yourself: what "elements" do they intend to rule with, when they finally turn the streets of the US into a battlefield?
Thread: Obama to Wall Street: "This time be worried"! Issues Statement: "Not Going To Negotiate" (Page 5)

Equities - the correction will create a Peak Losses even for the year, possibly for the period of 24-36 months, depending on trajectory and 'confidence'. Falling equities are the "hammer" of this event

Bonds - a break in confidence will likely create a cash-on, risk off environment which is unfavorable to bondholders in the short term. The lack of returns and faltering confidence across the bond market are the "anvil" of this event - driving investors to demand cash

I called this 18 months ago when I stated -
The secure direct link (between US FED and BoC) is not so that China can buy US securities at a discount, or to hide their purchasing activities from the rest of the world, as has been suggested elsewhere. The primary purpose of this private, secure link is so that China can sell bonds which it already owns *back to the FED* quietly and directly, so as not to cause panic in the greater market.
Thread: China Preparing to Dump US Tresuries

...Then in 2004 it as 3/1 ARMs.
In 2005, they were pushing 2/1 ARMs as people continued to ReFi as rates came down.
And all along, they were selling 0% down, Interest-Only notes including "Jumbos" to get people into bigger, more expensive houses.
All of this ReFi selling was focused on late 2007 and early 2008...to create a tsunami of under-capitalized mortgage holders who had no equity left and couldn't afford the increased monthly payments of their now "variable" notes.
The mortgage industry collapse was *ENGINEERED*, folks.
Now, they are doing the same thing with federal and state/municipal bonds..
. the implications are clear, and horrifying. They intend to collapse *everything*.
Thread: Yield On 1 Month Treasury Bill Rises 685% In One Day...Someone Is Getting Very Nervous! (Page 3)

There are 3 ingredients in their plan to collapse the system and bring "revolutionary change" to the US and Europe:
1. Economic hardship and upheaval
2. Domestic division leading to violent unrest
3. International war(s) to feed the Industrial/Military/Surveillance complex
All three are solidly in play, so watch for the coming "big push"...
Thread: Obamacare Premiums: Men face 290% increase, women 197%... (Page 4)

The FDIC "Insurance" only applies if the bank "fails"...
But they decide whether to make the bank fail (compare Bear Sterns to Lehman Brothers), or to make it "restructure" and force depositors to take a "haircut", like they did with AIG investors.
Thread: Cyprus-Style Wealth Confiscation Happening All Over The Globe

Humans cannot produce the energy necessary to transport all of the needed food and supplies for entire communities from any distance away. Petroleum allowed us to have very long supply chains, but if you had to "bicycle" all the food, medicine, and other supplies into your town from as little as 35 miles away, your entire community, regardless of size, would be in caloric deficit after several weeks, even if all of the fresh and healthy food you needed was readily available at that distance. When you include transporting water, the distance drops to below 10 miles.
Thread: FEMA Orders Massive Medical Supplies (Page 6)

In addition to the intractable Federal fiscal profligacy, 44 out of our 50 states are functionally insolvent, as well as hundreds of municipalities and municipal sub-entities such as school districts and water districts on the verge of bankruptcy. In accordance with 10th Amendment law, however, US States *cannot* file bankruptcy in Federal Court, and there is no other legal precedent for administering such a restructuring of a state government - so any default of a state will, by definition, be "chaos at it's fastest and finest" as creditors jockey in the political sphere for satisfaction.

Interestingly, many states also restrict the ability of municipalities to file bankruptcy – only 12 States provide blanket authorization for a city to file Chapter 9, and yet a full 22 States prevent a municipal entity from filing Chapter 9 proceedings altogether.
Thread: Money Confiscation and Martial Law Unavoidable in US at this point

You wake up on Saturday morning to a different world – several of your neighbors have been burglarized, and the news is full of riots, robberies, and car-jackings. The mayors of several major cities have declared a state of emergency, and are urging people to stay home and lock their doors. The world seems to have come un-hinged. Your wife is no longer objecting to your pistol being ready at hand.
Thread: A Scenario (Financial False Flag)

When these things happen, expect the following to occur, and swiftly -

1. The use of money, as we know it today, will be suspended at a minimum, but more likely, our familiar currencies will cease to represent any real buying power. The first phases of this have, in fact, been happening for decades. It began with the mass flight of nations from the Gold Standard which was all but complete in the 1970s. It will culminate with a great and sudden flipping of the iceburg as the various unstable systems of promissory notes and debt-based economies implode in short order. Your bank account will be void overnight, and debit and credit cards will cease to work. The actual paper currency you hold will also lose most of its value as the demand for real goods explodes. Fear will blossom into panic, and everything will be bought up while cash still has some value.

2. A paycheck is worthless if it cannot be cashed, and most people do not have the trust and resolve to ‘work for nothing’, so many services we rely on will go dark over a period of a week or less: Grocery store shelves will empty and not be replenished; gasoline and other petroleum products will cease to flow, and even basic utilities such as electricity, water, and sewer may become intermittent, and/or fail all together. Police, Fire, and EMS services will be drawn back to the most meager levels, and will likely not be available at all in many areas for a period of time.

3. Because of #1 and 2, above, riots will explode, starting in the urban core, and spreading outward into suburbia. Do not imagine that civility will win the day – rather, it will be among the first casualties. Likely even the quietest and most politically correct will shed their social skins and revert to savagery when they perceive that they and their children may starve; when they realize that every single one of their expectations for tomorrow have evaporated over night, never to be seen again. Satisfaction of immediate needs will be the only law, and violence the final authority in most populous places. As a response, martial Law will be imposed in the cities and larger suburban areas, extending as far out as there is functioning government to enforce it.

4. With profound privation and exploding violence will come a great diaspora from the cities. The absence of food, comfort, and safety will drive people from urban centers like a bomb blast, commencing as little as 24 hours after the iceberg flips; and certainly, within a week, the living population of nearly every urban center will have decreased by ~75%. Some urbanites will die where they lived, but sadly, far more will die along the routes of our freeways and interstate highways. Their lives will run out along with their gas tanks and meager trunk-loads of food, water, and other supplies. The force of this human blast will extend deeply into heavily developed suburban communities, thus forcing a second wave of flight, as suburbia is overrun with desperate urbanites searching for a safe haven which no one has prepared for them. With the loss of financial backing and essential infrastructure, nearly all personal communications mediums will cease to function. Most broadcast radio and television stations will also fall silent.
Thread: What is Coming, and What we Must Do
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 47561020
United States
10/08/2013 11:25 PM
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Re: Financial Flse Flag comming Soon
That's not a False Flag, it's an actual collapse.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 47060380
10/08/2013 11:26 PM
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Re: Financial Flse Flag comming Soon
Don't need a false flag.


Give it a rest.

The economy is done.

They will grab your money so get it the hell out of the bank before the wife calls you when your driving home........................


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