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Message Subject Forgotten "Alien Contact"
Poster Handle Earth Daughter
Post Content
It's said that "alien abduction" is actually a regular process, with a lot of sucessive steps and levels, along the entire life of the abductees...
 Quoting: Inerrancia

Somewhat true. But it's not truely an abduction. We know them before we are born and we have an agreement to be part of the experiment and/or process. But one of the drawbacks of being incarnated into these bodies is that you forget your life before the current one. So some people get scared of what is happening to them because they can't recall.

A few people who are able to handle it get their memories returned.

Problem with that though, and why they'd prefer you not know your previous lifetimes, is that some would get too homesick for the other life and ended up commiting suicide. It's not an easy choice to live on this planet.
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