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Message Subject Forgotten "Alien Contact"
Poster Handle Dervish
Post Content
maybe they are trying to find clues in us.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 38192891

Of course, it seems they're looking for something inside the human body & mind (something physical... or metaphysical)
 Quoting: Inerrancia

I disagree with the premise.
They know more about us than we do.They seek nothing from us.

When you talk about them,its a very general concept for many types of them.Some have a duty,some a mission,some have a job,some have free time and like the show.

The types we are shown,may have very little relevance to what they actually are.I picture the ones that interact with us as a sort of cell phone.Some have IPhones ,some a Nokia,some a Samsung.But the phone they use is not the one doing the speaking imho. And to take it further,a phone can do things when not being used as a phone.

The trouble we run into in trying to understand the how and why,is static on the line. They know certain folks are to be monitored.But -and I can not believe I am saying this-which timeline the monitored one is in at that point requires a more in depth oversight that they may not be doing at that time.

I think the vast majority,if not all of us,have been contacted in someway.If your body has alot of stress they will go out of their way to make sure you do not remember it.Dreams of being kidnapped,taken away,flying,being lost etc are pretty good indicators of some kind of monitoring.

Speaking for myself here,I do not think anyone who remembers these events are special,we have all been taken.It goes on 24/7. Going forward,try to stay away from gurus on this,because you will remember what you are suppose to know,when you are suppose to know it.Not before.

We are slowly progressing. And as we go forward,society goes forward too.

Finally,I cannot help but feel some may get a little spooked by the concept of mankind being killed off,and a new version coming into play.Its happened before with neanderthal man,and it will happen again.But the new and improved version will still be inhabited by you and me. This is the smelting pot that turns us into pure whatever. After that will come the next version,and the next.And at each step,we experience a better life.

Kind of like going from kindergarten to elementary school,to Junior high,to senior high. At each level we get more benies,but more responsibilities too.Maybe soon we can get a coke in the lunch room :) After that,who knows where we go. That is college level stuff,and way above my paygrade.

But enjoy the day.Enjoy the ones you love.Do not hurt each other,because what is planned in the coursework for any of us could really be a surprise.And you do not want unfinished homework.

I never thought I would post these words lol
Its Briefs fault
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