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Message Subject Forgotten "Alien Contact"
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You dudes & dudettes, with experiences with "Them"...

Do you believe in reincarnation? Do you believe they are monitoring some stuff on you related with it?
 Quoting: Inerrancia

Yes we have souls and they go back to the source when we die, but even ET doesn't know who or what God is...they believe there is a creator, just because logically there must be an intelligent designer, but they don't know any more than we do about God.
 Quoting: BRIEF

So they (at least, that sort of "they") are not necessarily in an higher level of spiritual development than us...

Even, do you think it's correct that they (at least, that sort of "they") have not souls like us (or like some of us, but I believe EVERYONE OF US have souls)?
 Quoting: Inerrancia

Yeah, they have souls and are obviously more advanced spiritually as well as technologically...God created us all, but they just artificially sped up our evolution...who's to say God doesn't delegate his will?
 Quoting: BRIEF

I respect and love to read your comments but as I see it and with me a lot of others is that we are certainly not less spiritual evolved than e.t's. Hu-man translates to 'mind of god' And that is what we are. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. This realm is the most compressed in the universe. We are on a souls journey and role playing for each other along the way till it's time to integrate everything you have learned back in your infinite god self.
I'm not telling anyone what to believe. It's just something I forgot and that seems to get back to me now.
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