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Message Subject Forgotten "Alien Contact"
Poster Handle Inerrancia
Post Content
I was refering to the ones involved in the DNA programs. Those are usually the greys and mantis types.

There are many more that are not. There are some that look exactly like us except for a few differences. Many are very spiritual beings and are only concerned with our spiritual advancement. Some want to form partnerships with us to help us along in development.

Then there are those who really are neutral toward us and don't really want anything to do with us.

The universe is vast and varied.
 Quoting: Earth Daughter

OK, but the guys that have something to do with the abduction scenary are the apparently "handicapped ones". That apparently incoherent nature of theirs is explained by some people as if they were really some sort of clone minions, or biological robots or some kind of low & sulbaltern staff.

Yep, by other side, another people talk about the "angelical guys", the classic highly evolved Elder Brothers from the Galactic Federation and similar stuff.

But the abduction guys seem to be the ugly ones.

Did you have some personal experience with the "blonde ones", the cool-angelical or the evolved ones, my friend?
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