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Message Subject Forgotten "Alien Contact"
Poster Handle Earth Daughter
Post Content
I have memories of many types. Some actually mix and intermiggle,and so you could have a visit with a group consisting of different types. But I really haven't seen greys and mantis among the more human looking ones.

I will add that there are many beings that are very spiritual and benevolent that look human, except the skin may be a different color(s), eyes bigger, and they are bald. Yet they stand as tall as us and look like us from the neck down. I've seen reddish-orange bald ones, and ones with black and white stripes. These beings are very shy showing themselves to us because of our phobia of seeing someone different like that. Sometimes they'll create an illusion of appearing more human when they are with you, so you won't get startled. When you start showing less fear, they'll gradually let you see their true appearance.

Then there are those who look like us, and I feel we share alot of their DNA. There may be small differences - like you might notice their ears are a little lower on the sides than ours. Some are our size, but many are taller, some are very, very tall (12 foot, for example). Some are blond and some are darker colors of hair. I know two who have dark, shoulder length hair. So, not all are blond.

The one thing I've learned on my long journey of discovery, is that you have to consciously make the decision to only allow the benevolents contact with you. There is some universal law that allows for you to send away being you don't want around you. Anytime I intiate contact, I start by expressing that any negative being, or being who does not have the good of humanity in their intentions, has to leave my presence. And then I invite only the loving, benevolent and spiritually evolved beings that have the good of humanity at heart. This has made a huge difference in the types of beings that come into contact with.
 Quoting: Earth Daughter

That's intensely interesting, my friend. Did they tell you about their origins, where did they come from?

And may I ask you about how old are you? When your experiences with them did start?
 Quoting: Inerrancia

I'm in my 40's now. I recall strange experiences in childhood, but then I pushed it all aside and got busy with living life. Got married, had kids, etc... Though in my twenties I became fascinated with angels and started researching them. I became involved in other esoteric practices in my early to mid thirties. A person in one of my spiritual groups, who was very psychic, handed me a book about Pleiadians. I said, "Why are you giving me this?" He said, "Because you have to know."

He was an artist and was creating a huge mural for a wall. The top half of the mural was a very cosmic, other worldly landscape. As I watched him painting, he would say things like, "You have to remember this. I know you do."

From then on, all these experiences began happening to me. It would sound crazy if I listed them all:P

I think, though, we spend much of our lives unaware because we don't look deep enough for them. Once you start looking deeper, you will find.

As far as where they are from. For most, I don't know. For a few, I know they are from the Sirius star system.
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