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Message Subject Forgotten "Alien Contact"
Poster Handle Earth Daughter
Post Content
I'm in my 40's now. I recall strange experiences in childhood, but then I pushed it all aside and got busy with living life. Got married, had kids, etc... Though in my twenties I became fascinated with angels and started researching them. I became involved in other esoteric practices in my early to mid thirties. A person in one of my spiritual groups, who was very psychic, handed me a book about Pleiadians. I said, "Why are you giving me this?" He said, "Because you have to know."

He was an artist and was creating a huge mural for a wall. The top half of the mural was a very cosmic, other worldly landscape. As I watched him painting, he would say things like, "You have to remember this. I know you do."

From then on, all these experiences began happening to me. It would sound crazy if I listed them all:P

I think, though, we spend much of our lives unaware because we don't look deep enough for them. Once you start looking deeper, you will find.

As far as where they are from. For most, I don't know. For a few, I know they are from the Sirius star system.
 Quoting: Earth Daughter

Do you think they've been (or they still are) a significative and positively constructive influence in your life (beyond some intellectual or spiritual areas of interest which, possibly, would have been equally triggered by simply some good conversations with another earthlings, good books and or videos)...? Have they helped you somehow in your personal development?
 Quoting: Inerrancia

Overall, I think what I've learned is a deeper understanding about myself in relation to the greater universe. Humanity tends to think of itself as wretched, bad and undeserving, and I see now the error of those thoughts and the need for a greater overview of oneself and one's purpose. The power of love that far outshines any need to fear. And that there really isn't anything to fear. I don't even fear death anymore, as I know our souls continue on immortally and that we are constantly having new adventures once one ends.

And I think, most importantly, they've helped me look forward to the future. We face some hard times, but afterwards the outlook is very good. Knowing this makes the hard times more bearable.

Also, they've healed me on occasion.
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