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Message Subject Forgotten "Alien Contact"
Poster Handle Inerrancia
Post Content
No doubt, there's a lot of people with that kind of experiences: they meet (usually from the childhood) in a more or less bizarre way or "out of the blue" with "strange people" or "strange beings" that tell them about another planets, another dimensions... They talk about some "secrets of the universe", the "real nature of things", the "purpose of human race", and even some "things to come" at a personal, communal or planetary level.

Those experiences & peculiar "companions" eventually fit in a more or less natural way with the day-by-day common life of the subjects, but the experiences have some more or less relevant influence in the personality & vision & sense of life, adding a philosophical, spiritual or transcendental meaning in relation with everything. One can think about the life of this people as enriched because such experiences. Maybe other persons have had a source of more or less dramatic psychological and existential upsets because such experiences...

Obviously, the question "why me?", "why to me?" (why them?) is always present. Maybe the "beings" answer satisfactorily the question, maybe not, maybe an enigma or mystery even for the subjects themselves, but it seems that usually they are illustrated about "why" the experience is happening to them, why they have been "chosen".

Aside some mediatic (and suspicious) "superstars" of the "contactée scene", however, they rarely make (or make it public) some systematic summary of what they've learned...
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