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Message Subject UFO's - The Real Deal - Un-Debunkable!
Poster Handle outdoorgyal
Post Content
I've seen two of these red fiery plasmic orbs. I was living in Lindsay, Ontario at the time and was out walking my dog when I saw this orb come over the horizon from the west going east. I knew what these looked like from video I had seen and I always have my eyes on the sky. I'm fascinated with our solar system and things that could exist outside of this earth.

Anyway, this orb moved up but close enough for me to see that two other balls of white light came shooting out and then went back in. Was creepy and cool all at the same time. It then proceeded to slowly continue going east and I was gonna run and follow it but I would have had to be in a car. Another orb followed right after that one but it was a lot further from me.

Ive seen lotsa strange stuff in our skies. And I never think ohhh its just a paper lantern or whatever people usually say.

Expand your miiiind naysayers :)
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