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Message Subject UFO's - The Real Deal - Un-Debunkable!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Nothing new here. Just putting together all that most of us think about extra-earth life. We all know these things already.

Are there UFOs, really?

Of the ‘ufos’ we encounter, 99% are computer-generated gimmicks, clouds, balloons, planes, quadrocopters, lens flares, etc. Of the remaining few, we don’t know how many are military test flights. Who will tell us that? Yet, since there are a rare few flying objects which are called “special” by some experts, some extra-earth races are there and might be visiting us.

Is there no life elsewhere?

Only idiots will deny life outside of our planet. Even kids know that the universe is massive, with billions of planets like our own. Scientists themselves are declaring that Europa is a candidate for life. May be there's life on all our planets of the solar system. On the moon also.

Are these life forms coming to visit us?

Why shouldn't visitors from other planets and stars come, if they are either like us or advanced than us? The problem with us is this: We think travelling is only possible our way, with our idea of speed. Jules Verne wrote that to travel some 100 km up from earth took some hours! His speed calculation was of his times. We never think that travelling from one place to another can have diverse, more advanced methods. Maybe it takes seconds. We discovered the steam engine and car only recently.
Secondly, our only source of info about any visitation is the official scientific community. We are helpless and tied down in this regard. Millions of us are waiting for some news about peoples from other worlds. And we are denied that. All info is hidden and those who do some research too are silent subsequently. Until there's the strongest evidence to the contrary, we can't deny them. Until some government declares and proves that all the (even “true”) UFOs were just their test flights, we must believe in visits.
Thirdly, visits may not mean like our going to the moon, collecting some samples and returning. They may be living here, or may travel to and fro like we do from city to city every day. Such travels were unimaginable for our ancients.

Can we visit other worlds and meet other life forms?

We initially lived isolated lives. We conquered small distances on earth using mules and horses. Then we conquered long distances using machines. Next we thought there is nothing beyond the seas. We conquered the oceans in the 15th-16th centuries and conquered air by 20th century. Now the globe is a small place for us. We shall now conquer space. There is some secret hidden, waiting to be unearthed. Some call this portal, some space travel, some time travel, some space elevators. We don’t know. Once we conquer space, we shall know how to conquer time and travel fast. Thus we shall meet life forms outside earth.

If at all life forms from other planets are visiting us, are they terrible, cruel, and bad, as often thought?

Let movies alone. Forget those big eyes and naked slimy bodies. Are all human beings bad? Are all human beings good? Those who travel, considering our methods, are related to science. IN ancient times, merchants travelled by ships to distant lands to discover and conquer.

The recent efforts of some eminent personalities towards disclosure is a great step. They must not stop for any reason. Hope truth will be revealed soon. Or, maybe the ETs themselves will declare their presence, hopefully.
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