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Message Subject UFO's - The Real Deal - Un-Debunkable!
Poster Handle good
Post Content
Guys, guys, guys!

Just imagine that only in 10+ years,
when construction of THIS will be finished:

step 1. [link to www.futuretimeline.net]

step 2. [link to www.futuretimeline.net]

step 3. Thread: WOW! Watching climate and geography on planets 150 light years away in 10 years???

..... we gonna look at a handful of exoplanets*** a few 100's light years away and we'll see not only oceans, mountains and cyclons, but other CIVILIZATIONS and CITIES!

Meditate on that..

«A total of 889 such planets (in 694 planetary systems,
including 133 multiple planetary systems) have been
identified as of 22 May 2013.»


- [link to en.wikipedia.org (secure)]

- [link to en.wikipedia.org (secure)]

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