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Message Subject UFO's - The Real Deal - Un-Debunkable!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
A co-worker and I saw a triangle shaped UFO about 10 years ago while working the night shift. We have stealth bombers fly overhead on a daily basis. This was not a stealth, but I do believe it was "Ours".

It came in from the east over some trees and glided over where we were standing. We could have thrown a rock up and hit it. Perfect triangle with small orbs of lights at the corners with a large half orb/dome light right in the middle.

This baby was totally silent!! If it weren't for the lights, it could have flown right over us and we would have never known. It could have hovered at any time, but basically just cruised over us at a VERY slow speed to the southwest.

I never thought it was alien though. It just felt to me as terrestrial. Had to have come from Whiteman Air Force Base. As I stated, this was 10+ years ago, so no telling what they have now.
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