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Message Subject Share Your Personal UFO/Alien Contact Experience(s)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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My grandmother passed away in the mid 80's. I was vey close to her (she helped raise all of us) and though I was in my thirties (36) -- and she in her 80's (88)

Suddenly, I found myself standing in front of my poor grandma. The moment I saw her, my very heart, soul...my entire being was just flooded with sadness, loving compassion, and empathy for her. There she was, my grandma: naked! She was laying on a steel table with several 'beings' surrounding her. I do not recall if these 'beings' were human or not, but I do remember that as their vertical heights seemed to be that of an average woman or man standing. Their 'waists,' if you will, seem to come to mid table. (Picture OR (operating room) style visual.) I was several feel away from her and in the mist or ethers of this presentation, I was standing with some people or beings. I do not know now nor did I recognize then who these others were. I was part of what could be thought of as an observation team, Simply put, I was there as an observer.

My grandma saw me and I her, I could feel more than hear her. In my mind i knew that she wanted me to assist her or help her or remove her out of the position and place she was in. This is knew I could not do. I felt terrible and I tried to convey this to her as I looked directly at her. I was crying in my soul, my heart was breaking. Here was my beloved grandma, the one who had helped me many many times throughout my life. My grandma, lying naked on a cold, steel gray slab of a table with (in my mind's eye) not very benevolent "things/people" around her, and I could do nothing to assist.

To this day, that feeling of helplessness and quiet abandon saddensme. I awoke with a start and with tears in my eyes. Until this day, I have told not a soul.


I believe it was reality. Since childhood, been visited, taken aboard, and laid naked on just such tables, with 3 or 4 "grays" standing over me.

Try not to feel so saddened by this dream, instead I think it was a message from your grandma. My personal beliefs and experiences is that when we experience realistic dreams, they are real and happen in an alternate reality/dimension/timeline or something. Also death; when we die from this world we can go to that place or to somewhere else, our choice. The visitors follow genetic lines. I think your dream was this, just my opinion:

Your genetic lineage is of interest to the aliens. Your grandma was an abductee. Therefore you probably are too, whether you remember or not. Dreams of flying cars, round rooms, Asian doctors, strange hospitals, owls, animals with big eyes, can all be "screen memories" where something happened to us that is so unbelievable that our minds fill in the blanks but the uncomfortable emotions are the key that there is more to the story.

It is free will. If we are abductees, no matter how terrifying we think it is, we did agree to it on some level, maybe pre-birth, maybe in an alternate reality. It's like the Bashar video above says, when do things to us it's like us taking Fido to the vet; he is terrified and doesn't understand but you have a reason for what you're doing. I have been on that metal table and seen others on that metal table and yeah, it looks horrific. I can't imagine seeing your poor grandmother naked on that table. But I believe she, now in the afterlife, is showing you that it happened to her, and probably to you too, and it's okay despite appearances. There is a reason they do this. It took me years to grasp and they kept telling me telepathically that it's for the future of Earth, that they are choosing certain lineages for their specific qualities, mostly caring for Earth, compassion, gentleness, peacefulness and they choose people to carry on these qualities (like we breed dogs for specific traits). I didn't believe them because my daughter insisted she would never have kids. They showed me a scene of my daughter older, standing at the controls of a ship, smiling broadly and telling me excitedly that they taught her how to fly the ship. Then she turned to show me she was very pregnant.

About 10 years later she married and had a baby. And she looked exactly how they showed me she would. Now she has 2 kids. So now I believe they are concerned about the future of our planet and follow certain family lines, though my daughter insists I am nuts. Her 4-year-old boy, though, tells me about the little guys who take him flying in his dreams.

Do you have children? I think you will, and your grandma is letting you know that all of this is not only okay, but it is wonderful, it means a brighter, better future for all.

Thank you for your insight. As a matter of fact I do have children (grown now, as the grandma story took place in the 90's) and my little grandson - a few years back when he was around 4 or 5 (he is a bit older now) -- would often tell me how the " MOON BABIES" would come and play with him at night. He said that they were blue and that they lived in his heart in the daytime but he played with them at night. I am pretty sure he also said they took him to the moon together, hence the name.

The whole idea of this freaked my daughter out so much that I had to be careful when talking to my grandson about all of this, so the questions to him about it were quite infrequent. It has been a while since we spoke of the MOON BABIES.

There are a few more things to mention, but in light of the Boston bombings, I will save them for another day.

I thank you again for your response and the genetic link is an interesting concept...but the metal slab/ table explanation is extraordinary. I could not get past seeing her, naked, on that table. Your thought process makes much sense. I have often wondered about abduction you see, but do not remember being taken. I guess I wasn't supposed to.

Your story about your own daughter is very interesting. What you were shown and how it all became a reality for you tells me that you are spiritually reconciled. Being able to comprehend it all and make sense of it....in addition to helping me, is true spiritual growth and maturation. . BTW -- Does your grandson have names or a name for the ones that take him flying? Is he calm about the whole situation as he describes it to you?

This is great dialogue!

Blessings to you.
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