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Message Subject Share Your Personal UFO/Alien Contact Experience(s)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Two nights ago I had a very vivid nightmare of alien invasion. Woke up suddenly, heart pounding. Checked my analog watch on my wrist and was surprised to be able to read it in the dark (it has glow in the dark numbers, not tritium. usually goes dim after 30 mins in the dark) Went to the kitchen for some water and noticed the digital clock on the stove was an hour and a half ahead of my wristwatch. So I had to wonder about that. reset my analog wristwatch to the correct time. Cellphone and stove clock matched. So for some reason my $100 analog wristwatch lost an hour and a half and was still glowing 3 hours after going to bed. I wind it every morning and night and did check the time before i went to bed. Freaky to say the least.
 Quoting: Whalin Rift

Ooooh you just reminded me of a form of proof I received that their visitations are real. I had those glow-in-the-dark stars on the bedroom ceiling. Like your watch, they absorb ambient light and then glow for about 20 minutes after it's turned off.

I awoke from a vivid abduction scenario, racing heart and all, and thought I caught sight of a bright glowing purple light disappearing through a wall. As I sat up in bed I saw the ceiling stars were glowing brightly, so had just been exposed to a bright light source. Our bedroom and entire house was always very dark at night, no traffic or streetlights or anything, my husband needed the room to be total blackness. I woke him up to ask if he had just been to the bathroom or turned a light on and he was not pleased, had been deeply asleep. It was 3 am and we went to bed at 10 pm.

Proof that the purple light and my visitation were real that night? There was no other explanation for those stars to be glowing.

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