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Message Subject Share Your Personal UFO/Alien Contact Experience(s)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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J, this one is for you, because of your Just Do It statement.

October 12, 2008

I had the most incredible experience last night. Literally, it was one of the most incredible I have had to date. It is truly a miracle that these experiences can get more and more... better.

The experience of last night deals with the extraterrestrial/angelic. It was exactly as if I was remembering - by re-experiencing - physical, forgotten late night excursions of being 'taken' by human-like beings. The problem I am finding in writing of these miraculous experiences is that they are so extremely long and can take an hour or more to write down. Experiences are becoming so frequent that I am finding it harder to find the time to write all of them down.

Example - About 3 or 4 nights ago I discovered - by figuring it out - one of my Guides, and that the form he takes is of an old friend from high school. I spoke to him at length about the astral realms and how the dream worlds and other altered states - negative and positive – are part of the infinite astral realms. I did nearly all the talking, him just nodding in agreement when I was on the right track.

Then, the night before last, I had an extremely pleasant experience, as if I finally got a vacation from the work. Flying, meeting other human entities, hanging out with other human dream spirits, sharing wisdom and experiences of loneliness. It was heart-lifting and long.

Then, last night, multiple experiences that ranged from late night group outings (Will was involved in all this as well) that included partnering up with a partner and doing something which made each coupled group of partners shine with light, overcoming fear and approaching Gray aliens in the night, people being weeded out depending on their responses to the Grays that we were introduced to, being shown cloaking technology, experiencing centrifugal force on the body, strange meditative mental state being practice on me (and others) by these human-like entities - which Will and I came up with a system that when he went into the altered state he would tap his fingers to show me that he was alright and vice-versa, practice in a round room moving in zero-gravity, then switching to 10 % gravity. Me being selected as the 'leader' in the group because I achieved the best results.

And afterwards having experiences inside experiences describing to Will what we went through in detail, to the point that today I thought I had already written down the experience with a feeling like, "Didn't I already write this all down?"

I cannot express to you the reality of the experience that occurred last night. It is exactly like I am beginning to remember the 'alien' visits and what had occurred during them by reliving them first-hand in this altered state I was in last night. The experiences are so lengthy that I am becoming overwhelmed in trying to record them all in my journal. I am also feeling that I need not record them all because something is soon to happen and I will fully remember and understand them all in the very, very near future.

It began as a group of around 20 people, all of nearly the same age – probably from 28-40 – lay down next to each other in a long row. This took place in what seemed to be someone’s front yard, in the grass, in a neighborhood called Orange Grove where I grew up in South Daytona. Will was lying beside me and we were talking about what was going on, though I do not remember our conversation. We were playing with some type of Frisbee, throwing it up on the roof of the house/building, and others catching it. It was late at night, though vision was not a problem in the darkness. It was as if we were just having fun getting to know each other.

The next thing we were doing was finding a partner, coupled male/female. We ran and ‘bounced’ in huge leaps to large soft rectangular glowing blue cubes, varying in size from 5 feet high to maybe 20 feet high, each width being equal to its height. I was with a blond girl, maybe 30 years old. We, all of the couples, could ‘bounce’ or jump, as high as we wanted to, my partner and I trying to reach the highest cube. Goofing around, I planned our jump to have me land on the top of the highest cube, at its edge, so the girl that I was with would miss and we would tumble all the way down into the grass. All of us were laughing and playing this game. Then, we were all gathered up, sitting in the dark in a large group, while a ‘normal’ looking male told us to all find a partner, didn’t matter if it was the one we were just recently with. I wanted to partner with Will, but he was focused on the female partner he was just with. I couldn’t find a partner as there must have been an odd number of total people. The male in charge came up to me and asked why I wasn’t partnered up yet, and I pointed to Will and said that he was my twin brother, and I wanted to partner with him. So the male gently guided Will’s female partner from him and let me partner with my brother. We sat cross leg in front of each other in the grass. I cannot remember what happened, but I do remember that the coupled partners all began to glow a white light, each their own island of light in the dark night. We all seemed to be meditating.

Then, somehow, we were all separated. We were searching through the neighborhood, down this one street to get back to the area we were just meditating at. There were Gray aliens watching from various locations, almost like they were hiding. I felt that I needed to meet one in particular. Like Hide-and-Go Seek, I searched and found a small Gray. My heart was hammering in my chest, in excitement and a strange fear of interacting closely with this alien being.

I thought, “Just do it,” and approached him. Touched him. Telepathically talked to him, though again I don’t remember what was said. Both of us were very excited. We made our way back to the blue cubes and stood atop one. The female partner I was with met me up there, and was frightened at seeing the spindly armed Gray. The night was dark and she screamed in fright, “A snake!” I told her that it was not a snake. She could not accept what she was seeing and refused to believe it was an alien Gray.

We found ourselves in a room, like a dark bedroom at night, but without any furniture or belongings, just bare walled and plain. We were all laying on the floor, in the dark with just a subtle blue light shining from somewhere. Will was still with me. My female partner was lying prone next to me. No one said anything. I thought that They (whoever the They was) had put us in this room for a purpose, but nothing was going on. So I started to talk about what we had just experienced, reasoning that that was the thing They wanted us to do, since nothing else seemed to make sense as to why They would just leave is lying there with nothing to do. My female partner refused to believe what had just happened. I tried calming her, but was unable to. A human looking person came in through a bright doorway, calmly stood her up and walked her out of the room. I never saw her again. As myself and others gathered around discussing what was going on, some others there could not bring themselves to accept it, and were led out of the room also.

The remainders of us was very excited at what we were experiencing and talked at length about it. Again though, I don’t remember anything that was said.

The next I knew we were walking in an enclosed area, white floors, glass walls, ceilings perhaps 3 stories high. The area was lit brightly with beautiful blue light shining from beyond the glass walls. We entered a room where we were being shown cloaking technology. It was a room filled with machinery/computers; lights, nobs, dials, buttons. They made the complicated machinery/computers look blank, like a sheet of white metal formed over its surface area. I reached out and could feel the buttons and dials still there though this illusion covered the sight of them up.

We left that room and entered another one that was white and brightly lit with a round platform somewhere near its center. Atop the platform, around the edge, were individual resting places that reclined at about a 30 degree inclination. We laid back into them. They said that we were going to experience a strange meditative state, one person after the other. As They began on the first person I could see them close their eyes and it looked like they were dead. When the person came to they looked very frightened and disturbed. I wondered if they were damaged in any way. Soon, it became my brother’s turn. Will was done. During the process I say his face twitch in discomfort. Not pain, but as if he was experiencing an uncomfortable feeling. Then, the strange meditative mental state hit me. Will and I came up with a system just prior to him going under, that when he went into the altered state he would tap his fingers to show me that he was alright and vice-versa. When he was fidgeting while in his trance state, he tapped his fingers on his chest, telling me that he was fine. I went under and to me it was a very intense altered state; no imagery or anything, but an intense sensation that is indescribable. It was extremely pleasant to me and I was disappointed that it ended so soon.

Then the circular platform seemed to be spinning, though I do not remember it actually spinning, just the physical sensation that it was. It was like They were analyzing what the effects of varied centrifugal force was on our bodies (minds too?). That did not last long.

We exited that room and entered a circular room with slightly spongy floors, walls and ceiling, all of a grayish-blue color. We all lined up along the perimeter of the wall facing inward towards the far end where a dark haired women in what looked to be a long white smock played with a small white device. She did something with the device and we the room lost all gravity. We all began floating around the room. At first we were wondering what was going on, not knowing that the room had all of a sudden become zero-gravity. I played some, pushing gently off the wall, reaching floor, or ceiling or another wall and gently playing in freefall. Soon, we all settled back down, all of us excited at what had just happened. Then, she turned a small dial on her device and we were back to no gravity. Almost. I don’t know how, but I knew it was about 10% gravity.

I pushed myself off from the wall, hit the opposite wall gently cushioning the impact. Pushed off from the ceiling, careful not to push off at all from the wall next to me, and glided down perfectly onto my designated seat.
I was the first one to accomplish this task.

After everyone had made it to their own designated seat, an olive skinned man entered and stopped next to me. He was grinning. I was too, and told Him that I had always dreamt of maneuvering in low gravity every since I was a child and read about Ender (“Ender’s War” by Orson Scott Card). He looked at me and smiled, saying only, “Ender”. He placed a hand on my arm and gently guided me to the center of the room. A panel materialized above the dark-haired lady using the device. There were two or three other ‘people’ looking out through the dematerialized area of wall, all looking at me. I do not remember any more.

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