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Message Subject Share Your Personal UFO/Alien Contact Experience(s)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I saw my grandson last week and asked him about the little guys who take him flying. He shrugged and said they flew in ships like Star Wars but they didn't have light sabers or robots ... so whether imagination or not, it's hard to tell. He just turned 4. But he is very matter-of-fact about them and he is a serious child.

I'm a baby boomer also and agree that we volunteered on some level, likely pre-birth, to participate in the contacting and communication for the benefit of the future of our people and our planet, spiritual evolution and it does seem to skip a generation. I know my daughter was taken too, I've seen her on ships happily interacting with aliens but she refuses to even think about it consciously.

The last recall of my contact was last summer, 2012, when I was told "they had to go away for a little while" and I understood it to be in relation to the upcoming 12/21/2012 date. Unfortunately nothing happened with that so I'm also mystified why the contact seems to have slowed or stopped. Maybe the mission was a success and catastrophe was averted? Maybe, as you say, they created the hybrid race they needed and are finished?

I still hold out hope that they'll appear in the flesh someday, but sadly the human race is so violent and brutal and narrow-minded that it doesn't look likely anytime soon.

Yes, holding out hope that our sky's will be filled one day soon with alien race and ships, When your grandson mentioned "ships," it did bring back a conversation that I had with my grandson when he was about your little one's age. He mentioned that the MOONBABIES would come on their ships to help us, "when the water's come," Pressing him further, I asked about the well-being of the family and my-little-love-everybody-kid says, "everyone is fine except xxxx." (He named his sister here.) I asked what happens to her and he said, sweetly, smile plastered on his angelic face, "OH, no problem. They just dump her in the river!"

I have to mention that he was serious. I still chuckle at the way this conversation went down.

Perhaps in the coming months, as the day's pass and the times they do keep changing, we will see time lines converging, parallel universe continuity, and global-watch-the-sky-it-is-coming moments. As we ride the wave through all of this, we will continue to be the luckiest generation that ever lived!

Be not afraid. We will be in for the best sorted adventure of our lives!
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