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Message Subject Jesus Stops Alien Abductions!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Many gov shills and God haters will attack this information but anybody that watches the video in this article I wrote will see the evidence and eye witness testimony for themselves. It's now clear and we have the evidence - Aliens are the Fallen Angels of the Holy Bible. We have over 400 documented cases with people stopping Alien abductions in the name of Jesus!

[link to www.project.nsearch.com]

Steven Greer and ALL others in the UFO field that are hiding this FACT will now be fully exposed for censoring this very important information! Steven Greer says the aliens are your buddies when in fact the aliens work for Satan and are demons! Even thinking about Jesus when some of these people were paralyzed stopped the abduction!

If these guys were coming from other galaxies then WHY would they care about Jesus? Jesus Christ has the power over demons who are the aliens! I have other evidence from Ed Slade - Area 51 Scientist linked in the article also.

We have the proof now! I need Christians to spread the word to all the new agers that have been deceived!

Here's the article and video from Joe Jordan a MUFON state section investigator who has collected this information. He never asked for this! He found the truth - if you ever get abducted then just ask Jesus for help! Jesus will help all those that believe in him. Those that believe in Jesus will never de! God bless all you Christians that are spreading the word on GLP!

[link to www.project.nsearch.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27493184

"Anybody such as Dr. Steven Greer that says they are your buddies are basically liars for Satan because Guy Malone has the evidence! If Steven Greer was correct and these aliens were visitors from other galaxies then WHY would they care about Jesus ? If Jesus has no power then WHY does even thinking about Jesus stop an alien abduction? Why does Steven Greer deny Jesus and hide the fact that Jesus has stopped over 400 documented alien abductions? This is very big news and those not talking about it are showing that they have an agenda and it's hiding the power of God and his son Jesus!"

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