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Message Subject OBAMA: People Shouldn't Jump To Conclusions... Let Me Guess, Muslim?
Poster Handle Chip
Post Content
You're kidding right? He's good buddies with al-CIA-da! It's probably one of those conservative constitutionalist right wing lunatics that SPLC has been stalki...er...writing about.

It's "PATRIOTS DAY" afterall!
 Quoting: Chip

April 15, 2013 - The Official Birth of the American Caliphate.

 Quoting: The Comedian

Exactly. Not only will the perp be a a "pissed off cracka, but a rich chrsitian cracka that just paid a huge tax bill"! "Mad about Obamacare and a black man stealing his woman". Suddenly he just "snapped" and went all MacGyver with foil gum wrappers and "the anarchist cookbook"....

Those white evil bastards! They hate the NEW Amerika!
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