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Message Subject oops I dit it AGAIN. CME HIKES GOLD AND SILVER MARGINS ALMOST 20% TODAY! Gold and silver keep CARSHING
Poster Handle Billy Bong
Post Content
There is already a shortage of physical silver to purchase. This will compound the shortage & make the distinction between paper & physical more obvious.
 Quoting: Lady Jane Smith

It's about time we get honest with ourselves! Gonna be a wild week. I bought my last roll of ASEs today. That's it I'm done.
 Quoting: calx

I picked up some Koalas. The price will continue to drop into Friday, but I am wondering if there will be any physical to purchase by then. The premium over spot has increased significantly since COB last Friday.
 Quoting: Lady Jane Smith

i think (paper) silver will drop further this week too, but i also bought today after seeing that apmex looks to be running out of stock on many items. i'd love to get it around $15... but seriously who will give you anything near that bargain price in (physical) silver? found this on the webs:

Here is an excellent article that determines the cost to create an ounce of silver.
[link to www.marketoracle.co.uk]

Much silver is a byproduct of other mining activity, The author estimates the actual cost of primary silver production to be about $17. This means supply will shrink as this price is approached.

anyways i ended up getting 25 ounces for around $700... price i paid per ounce about $28... supply will dry fast. my best guess for (paper) silver bottom? no real clue i can't pretend to get this shit- i'll go $18. any others got a guess for paper bottom? if paper goes under 17/oz (physical production costs estimate) then comex price is just lunacy. that PMs drop then SHTF thread is crazy with boston attack today.
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