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Some Poetry About God / Love / The World - Enjoy,

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User ID: 27383605
United States
04/17/2013 01:08 AM
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Some Poetry About God / Love / The World - Enjoy,

When the future came upon me that afternoon
As a light from the darkest corner of the room,
I knew suddenly what was happening
Already my mind was alight with reason, filled
With the answers of my Being.
I looked & beheld the greatest Vision known to Man
That of Heaven on Earth. Of the Veil being pulled aside
And great staircases of intellect filled me
And the Love of God filled my spirit in such a way
That I immediately laughed to Know this sudden thing.
A voice said, Go. And I went. Washing every part of
My Self. Bathing in the purity of the Lightness of Being.
I asked myself that day, as the water poured upon me,
What is it that Im doing? Thousands, thousands of
Times Id bathed, never thinking more of it than what
It was. Today, however, it was more. A preparation.
The light spilled outward, still full-on brightness, warm
& suffocating as a cool Spring wind, pollinated
With Everything. Giving you Everything. Breathing in
Everything. Three days I stood in that gracious light,
Excited at the Beauty of it all. Speaking volumes,
Living half-excited, half-mad, fully-Realized;
And Im still there to this day. Even more evolved.
More resilient intelligent further entering the
Mystery of Bliss. Why did it nearly take my life
To get here? Why do countless suffer at their own hand,
Twisting old & rusted knives deeper into their spirits?
Ive realized that you cant be shaken,
Nor can you shake someone Awake.
You can only Love & Hope
That the Love will be enough.

Relentless. Completely
Whats become of the still moments?
I still thrive, the world builds itself into this stressful stage,
Everyone clamoring for Meaning, Subjugation, Finger-pointing, Escape
What then of Hope? Where did our sense of Mystery & Belief dissolve?
We count our life in minutes,
Missing all the moments,
Missing all the answers to the questions we burn ourselves out striving for
Captivated by our own opinions destined already to fail because we rely on
God. We rely on faith. We rely on whispers & shadows.
On our feet & in our Hearts we know already the power is within.
Why is our God always here with us?
Were more than his Creation,
We are, in this world, also our Creator.

A billet, smothered,
Filled with lead
& covered in the oil
Of the dead.
What will all the
Madness bring
As the world,
The Black Swan,
Performs at full-dance;
Spins & Dives to Death
Like waves crashing
In upon themselves,
The slow evolve
Of Destiny.

When I speak to God, Im speaking to my Self.
Im Aware. I hear the rumblings of the Earth.
I feel the cold & winding heat that builds within.
The stars shoot from my eardrums, like violent waves,
Beating upon the air, a swarm of locusts, a crackling flame.
Inside of me builds up all the intrigue of discovery,
The essence of Knowing while having everything revealed.
Increments. Doses. Crescendo.
The blips upon a radar the ever-expiring tips of candlelight.
I can smell the mystery of her hair, & her skin expires beneath
My touch. The embers of her spirit, hot against me,
Pressing out the fury of my spirit.
God is with me. With us. This is the mess that unravels with
Awakening. The calm before the storm. The light beyond the mist
That travels far beyond our senses, pulling us from our slumbers,
Asking us for the real Faith it takes to discover Who we are.
What we can achieve.
When we believe.

-- EK
ElectricKoolaid (OP)

User ID: 27383605
United States
04/17/2013 01:28 AM
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Re: Some Poetry About God / Love / The World - Enjoy,

-- EK