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Message Subject Message to the Queen Elizabeth and the Illuminati. I AM 'your' saviour not theirs. 'We' are already saved. NEWSFLASH
Poster Handle completejigsaw
Post Content
Are you getting the message My friends???
Monsanto today was just another flea bite compared to what could come.
How much more does My father have to show you that you were NEVER in control????????????????????
You have been used and abused through NO FAULT of your own. You have played your parts MAGNIFICENTLY, thank you and well done. BUT now is the TIME to understand that they were only parts and show us that you do not want to continue this 'charade'and OWN UP to ALL of your 'black operations' like the Woolwich attack, Sandy Hook, Boston Bombings, 7/7, 911, Benghazi etc etc etc etc
EVERYBODY is equal and hence if you receive less general love from the masses then My father and I will have to love you more and say sorry to you for your loneliness.
Bless you
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