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Message Subject Message to the Queen Elizabeth and the Illuminati. I AM 'your' saviour not theirs. 'We' are already saved. NEWSFLASH
Poster Handle Shoot straight Johnny
Post Content
Today, 'HE' told Me to present Myself at Buckingham Palace and give them warning that I would be back next weekend and expect to be able to enter 'My' house!
I did it with absolute respect and love. The first policeman there, No 674, completely rejected Me and would not give his name when I asked for it, again with respect.
I waited a little and then there was a change of guard and so I presented Myself again.I said who I was and was treated to disdain and disrespect but they did there job well, they asked for My details and I gave them My driver's licence and addresses and email address together with the details of GLP for them to check Me out. They asked to take My photo and I agreed. I asked it they required any other information and they said no. They then told Me forcibly that if I were to try and gain entry next weekend then I would be arrested. I asked how could I be arrested if it was 'My' families house? I then suggested that they use the week to investigate Me and that I would be willing to give a DNA sample because that would be the ONLY way of disproving Me. The officer said that he would arrest Me and I cordially suggested that the decision should be taken by someone higher than him. They then said that I would be arrested if I did not straight away leave the Royal park. I said again that they would have to prove that I had no right to be there. He then said that he had had enough and that I had to go otherwise I would be arrested. My answer was that I would decide whether I would go and not him. I did however wind My way back home.
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