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Message Subject Triangle UFO Sighting Over Lake Erie! - Multiple UFOs with Multiple Witnesses!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Didn't the airport respond to that excuse? Oh yes, they did.

Tom Wertman of Mufon declared "They are Airplanes"

Too bad he didn't contact the Cleveland Airports and the FAA just like MSNBC did, he would have found out the following...

FAA & Cleveland Airports report Lake Erie UFO's Not In Normal Flight Paths, Not Showing Up On Radar and Nothing They Are Doing!!!

MSNBC contacted the FAA and all local Cleveland Airports who said These objects are not in normal flight paths, NOT FAA Light Configurations that none of these objects were anything they were doing and these objects were not showing up on any of the airports radar as well!

And Tom Wertmans Bosses "Bigelow Aerospace" did not agree with Wertmans conclusion and were very vocal about it!

here is that proof...

Friday night on The Alien Agenda radio, both Eugene Erlikh and Michael Lee Hill were featured on the show. Both had filmed unknown multicolored orb/craft over Lake Erie and coincidentally live within 5 minutes of each other in Cleveland. Michael's videos go further back to 2006 and Eugene's are more recent. On April 6, 2010 Michael and Eugene unknowingly and simultaneously filmed similar multicolored orb/craft on the same night and at the same time or within minutes of each other. Both videographers made this discovery just yesterday as well.

According to Erlikh, at approximately 6:45pm EST, on Thursday night (April 8, 2010) a private telephone call came into his residence. Eugene answered and the man on the other end assumed to know it was Eugene and called him by name. The man identified himself as a member of Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies, his name is Investigator Garu Hernadez. In fact, His name is linked to the BAASS.ORG domain name and now featured on the Skinwalker Ranch website. He asked Eugene a number of questions pertaining to the sightings over Lake Erie. The man then demanded Eugene give up the exact coordinates of the location the lights are appearing. When Eugene questioned the man, Gary Hernandez stated he knew the lights were not terrestrial or from this planet and there's big money involved in obtaining that technology. He instructed Eugene to email him the coordinates. Eugene immediately hung up the telephone.

The host of the Radio show then E-mailed this BAASS Investigator and asked, "Hey, why are you guys calling Egene when Mufon already Stated that these are just Airplanes "Case Closed"?"

This is Bigelow investigator Gary Hernandez actual response.

In Regards to the Lights over Lake Erie I am not absolutely convinced that they are coming from conventional aircraft. As an investigator I must be completely objective with any UFO's reported which has multiple witnesses. BAASS employees are paid professionals, all the investigators are former law enforcement detectives who have a higher level set of skills and experience. MUFON Takes anyone who pays the money and passes the test and works for free. That does not make them a credible source for information for me to except they're conclusions. - Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies Investigator

Interestingly enough, Tom Wertman of Mufon had publicly released the following statement a day before his handlers told him what they wanted him to say it seems like....

Just after 8 p.m., Tom Wertman said he was able to see "something very faint, like the head of a pin, pop in, and pop out."

So what exactly is this object?

He says the movement of the first sighting "was way too quick" for conventional aircraft. "It went from 10 degrees to 290 degrees and disappeared in a matter of just a few minutes," Wertman said.

He (Wertman) said that during the second sighting, the object was "too stationary for too long. It didn't act like a normal aircraft. If it was making a loop turn and heading back to the airport, the landing light would be getting brighter, not dimmer. And if it was moving away, wouldn't the light we were seeing be facing the other direction?"
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NSA Government disinfo shill.
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