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Message Subject IN PROGRESS ALIEN INVASION: Look, there's proof everywhere from Sandy Hook to 1984.
Poster Handle theorigionalzombiekiller
Post Content
I feel the need to point out that in my theory, everyone is being mind controlled not to believe me. This may be some sort of self fullfilling prophesy, however I think this theory makes much more sense (and is much more accurate) than theories from people like David dIcke.

The way I look at it, the fact that nobody desires to read, comment, or talk about the idea that perhaps there is a mind control influence that is, and has been for a long time, effecting everyone on the planet is a bit strange.

I have lots of dots to connect, and this is the most realistic theory which fills the gap. That's not to say there are not others, but if the others are true, there's really no reason to care (things like, we live in the matrix and the simulation is ending soon.)

I have personally experienced these dots, which is why I have gone to such great lengths to attempt to explain them. At the same time, I've also gone to great lengths to attempt to find things which I think PROVE the existence of not only the force I am speaking of, but also the dots.

This is the purpose of searching for synchronicity. Without mind control and time travel (or at least mind control and a really vivid future looking imagination), it would be impossible to create these patterns IN HISTORY.

It would be wonderful if people could look at the patterns, and perhaps evaluate them.

There are some cognitive leaps, however from my point of view (being a knowing mind control victim), the work of Dick and Orwell are more than prophetic, they are prescient. One day I think many more will "know" about this conspiracy that involves the technology both wrote about, as well as the authoritarian and hidden government both spoke about.

It's all happening, and it's way farther along than you think.

 Quoting: Prometheus.Locke

The other way the patterns could be created is if this reality is maintained by the Demiurge and powered by us. It is all mind control, with the vast majority of "people" not being 'real".
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