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Message Subject IN PROGRESS ALIEN INVASION: Look, there's proof everywhere from Sandy Hook to 1984.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
"Alien mindcontrol" in the sense of anti-spiritual forces at work within mankind, that want to take over our spiritual free will and creativity, our godgiven heritage, in that understanding I would agree that's happening nowadays.
In antroposophical terms one might speak of the growing influence of Ahriman or anti-Christ quality, that stands among others for the forces of materialism, reductionism, black magic powers and hi-tech applications that inhibit man's inner abilities and visions like a digital virtual world created by computers, HAARP manipulations, UTSM frequencies, chemical and electronic "implants" and psychological warfare in msm and advertising and movieworld.
Ahriman is specifically present within the armed forces, THE experimental ground for such anti-spiritual developments. Even the idea of promoting the concept of alien or E.T.manipulations as having "created" mankind in the past either from scratch or by manipulating primitive man-ape dna into modern humans, instead of by God and the angelic hierarchy, stems from these ahrimanic influences. Ahriman is asa Satan, a mighty spirit who opposes mankinds godgiven creativity, to become Sons of God with truly divine powers.
Ahriman is supposedly to have a human incarnation in our time and he will be revered as a Messiah who brings peace and prosperity to mankind in chaos, but wants to be worshipped as a true god and who will prove to be utterly detrimental to man's spiritual and physical existence on earth in the end, before he is killed by God in some form of retribution !
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