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Message Subject IN PROGRESS ALIEN INVASION: Look, there's proof everywhere from Sandy Hook to 1984.
Poster Handle Prometheus.Locke
Post Content
"Here's the answer I can give you. We should be leaving, exploring, and colonizing as fast as we can. They will be here before 2016 is out."

OP, I agree with a lot of what you say. BUt are you saying that biological extraterrestrials exist on earth (or will shortly come to earth) or not?

I think Satan exists, but that all ideas of a biological material alien invasion are false. You seem to imply this in places during your posts but in other places say that it is true.

And why should we be leaving?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 7640389

Why wouldn't we be leaving? That's really the question. We had a massively funded space program, a trip to the moon... now nothing.

Right after the election Obama talked about a manned trip to Mars. Now, nothing. Where's the movement on these things?

NASA is all but shut down, we should have a moon base by now, and have been to Mars and back.

It's as simple as evolution. Survival requires we are not stuck on Earth, so as soon as we CAN go, we should. We haven't, and that means there's something wrong. It's a false start... a red herring.

If you were stuck on a desert Island, and you built a boat, but decided not to try to find paradise because you were 'comfortable on the island.'

Would you be pissed if it sunk?
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