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FAA Air Traffic Control Furloughs - Government Terrorism Perfectly Timed...

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United States
04/20/2013 02:24 AM
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FAA Air Traffic Control Furloughs - Government Terrorism Perfectly Timed...
Whether or not it was Obama's "Sequester" or not doesn't matter. What does matter is the the FAA has announced that it doesn't have enough money to staff the busiest major airports in the country, such as:

JFK Kennedy NYC
LGA LaGuardia NYC
EWR Newark NYC Metro area NJ
SAN San Diego
LAX Los Angeles
ATL Atlanta
ORD Chicago O'Hare
MDW Chicago Midway
MIA Miami FL
FLL Fort Lauderdale FL
PHL Philadelphia PA
CLT Charlotte NC

SJU Juan Puerto Rico (not included)

I happen to have a lot of inside information concerning FAA air traffic control and I can tell you this is a fraud of gargantuan proportions. The U.S. is once again terrorizing air travelers. How do I know? I've been directly involved in all aspects of flying and air traffic control.

I know that the FAA recently employed as many as 10,000 people. Most of these people are ordinary government workers who have nothing whatsoever to do with safety and human life.

I also know that there are hundreds of FAA Air Traffic Control Towers at airports where there are no scheduled passenger flights.

I also know that the Federal Aviation Administration is an agency of the U.S. Department of Transportation that has thousands more people who have nothing to do with safety and human life.

And regardless, older people like myself know perfectly well what "government pork" stands for. In our now $1 Trillion budget, there is even more money spent on useless nonsense than ever before. But pork is what keeps the "Good Old Boys" in power and that will never be on the chopping block.

And as a Ron Paul supporter for the past 10 years, I also know that the U.S. has no business whatsoever sending troops to the many countries as it does, bombing the hell out of the people of these countries and totally destroying their infrastructure.

To think that Americans are now losing even more rights to travel by air is unthinkable. The vast majority of airline flying is by business customers or hard working people who have the funds to pay for airline seats. These are the people who pay the most out of their earnings in taxes and the last who should be punished for just being hard workers.

This is a very trying time for this country. If Obama had kept his campaign promises he made for his first election, this wouldn't be happening today.

Why in God's name did people elect him to a second term where he could do even more damage to this country?

Today is a very sad day.

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