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Message Subject Really shocking: Pictures prove Man Escapes Alien Abduction
Poster Handle X-Nibiru
Post Content
really shocked how u were able to post a link frome before its news website. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 38536893

Dude, not all stories on that site are official news. That site is completely freedom of speak, you can say any thing or post any thing you like. Though not all infos there are correct , at least some times you can find very precious news not being censored. Maybe you are fond of censored news, right???
 Quoting: X-Nibiru

I watched the video.... made by a guy here in Texas and posted by someone from Vietnam...

IT is a freaking awesome video... and for anyone who follows my post, that is a very bold statement... 90% of my posts call out the poster as B.S.

Very believable... very very interesting and I am going to follow-up on this with the person in the video.

 Quoting: TraderRob

Thank you sir. you are a wise gentleman. Some people are so conservative even they saw the truth. And it is hard for them to accept something new needing a breakthrough in the understanding. This human world contains so many mysteries still remaing enigma to our present scientific level not mention to this vast universe. how can they consider something wrong even if they dont know a
little bit about it. Very ridiculous and pity for them, right??
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