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Message Subject Upcoming "Week of Manifestation", April 25th - May 2nd, and what I see becoming Manifest
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Go get a Brazilian.
 Quoting: MagTog

OR actually, get Brazillions of Brazilians, you hairy Brazilian.

What has Brazil given the world? Pube wax. That about sums it up.
 Quoting: MagTog

Man, you have no idea.

As you should strive for.

I was just bumping your thread anyways. But NO PROBLEMA
 Quoting: 1908247

Lo siento, mijo. And yes, I know that's not your language, but I don't know Portuguese. :(

Sorry, tone is lost on me online.

And Brazil is a very nice place with great people and many contributions. And the reason we've taken your name to describe that cosmetic procedure is just because your chicas are pretty much the hottest.

Sorry again.
 Quoting: MagTog

I'm sorry, I don't mean to derail---great thread by the way....but I must digress with one thing you said. You had mentioned that Brazilian girls were the hottest, well having seen for myself, I'd say no. Personally, you can't get much hotter that a Thai girl who has a lot of French in her...which after meeting me, would also mean a lot of Amerikan in her... ;-J
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