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Message Subject Upcoming "Week of Manifestation", April 25th - May 2nd, and what I see becoming Manifest
Poster Handle MagTog
Post Content
I hope more people read this thread, because as things have been progressing, I've been feeling more and more like this is happening.

FCB is reporting a 200% increase in web traffic. 15 million a day. Several talk show hosts have been engaging in conspiracy talk about Boston, and that probably means that the first wave of newbies has arrived...

They're tripping all their way down the rabbit hole right now. Some are giving up. Some are getting false positives. Some false negatives. Some are discovering those true bomshells I was talking about.

A portion of them will be as hopeless as many of us have felt in our lives, but it will be fresh for them...and it's going to be a lot of them all at once. This will be at a larger scale than after 9/11 (I knew that day that it was a FF. Just wanted to pat myself on the back for that one...). Some of them are going to be stupid, or too full of rage to think twice about what they're doing. There are people like that in almost every group.

They're going to ruin it for us. Claws in or out, we're still just a cat in a cage with a wolf. Don't lose it people. I know I've been a terrible example so far - even in this thread, but I truly think that it's time to get right with God. I should be a much better person.. I apologize GLP.
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