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i post u read

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04/21/2013 05:43 PM
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i post u read
I tell u me all be ready
Watever hapens wether natural or manmade ready now ur mind nd being
Specialy religios people
Who r taugt reincarnation is incorrect nd rsurection is true
I not want argue but i want help u free of lies
We al die nd dat is al our goal since birth
But bcos of religion specialy christianity
Bilions people very fear death bcos dey r taught wrong unreal thngs
U decide now to be free of dis lie or else u die wth fearful eyes nd not welcoming next new lyf
Dis is just 1 of many many human fabrications of religios
If u feel u desrve truth nd get ovr dis resurection teachng
Den u be able to free urself from oder lies