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Subject Daytime UFO over SAN ANTONIO 2013 20th april
Poster Handle ufokingdom
Post Content
Witness report: April-20-2013 multiple U.F.O Sightings were captured on videotape over San Antonio,Texas..U.FO ORB's traveling Same altitude and in the same direction minutes apart.On this video you will clearly see these U.F.O's traveling high in altitude and their flightpattern's,with some reference points such as tree top's......
As i was Skywatching facing west,i notice this orb traveling high in altitude...I grabbed my camcorder and began filming this orb..As you can see on the video this object seems to be traveling fast and glowing a redish color,it was clearly at high altitude.I followed until it was out of sight...
A short time later I notice another Orb took me by surprise..Same altitude and traveling in the same direction..Again i began filming this glowing orb,.When Zooming in.You can clearly see another U.F.O Orb traveling over head..I continue to follow until it was out of sight..
Few minutes later Another U.F.O Orb came into view,I grabbed my camera and began filming this other Orb..Third Orb was traveling Same altitude and traveling in the same direction..This time i was ready and manage to get some nice/steady Footage.You can clearly see this U.F.O traveling traveling on its own power...
These U.F.O Orb's were traveling high in altitude/same direction minutes apart..Did not hear any noise coming from these UF.O Orbs..They seemed to be traveling on its own power,not blown by the wind...In my opinoin these U.F.Os are clearly not aircrafts or weatherballoons/satellites.
Read more at [link to uk-ufo-aliens.blogspot.com]
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