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Message Subject The Truth about Satan. The Fall of Mankind in the 20th Century, and our Coming Alien Visitors.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Yes, you have it almost exactly correct. In the past, I have written here about this, until I got trolled off. I have had lifelong contact with the entity known as Enki or Ea, and that is where I got the information, which I then confirmed as much as I could with my own investigation.

I will disagree that human survival depends leaving and colonizing. Not yet anyway, and besides, it is too late. The Earth is humankind's home and it got messed up on humankind's watch, and it it humankind's responsibility to restore it, and to heal itself in the so doing. You need to do that at home before moving out.

Governments are not accelerating space development, in fact they are pulling back in accordance with instructions. Those in power have been promised many things, such as immortal bodies and even greater power and wealth than they already hold, if they complete their task of setting up systems that will hand over the mineral and biological wealth of Earth to their alien masters, which they mostly have done. These "elite" want to be gods so much that they do not see the Machiavellian inevitability that will be visited upon them: when taking over a new territory, one kills all of the leadership and all of the well educated. They will get on the ships thinking they will be made young and perfect and all powerful...and just when they think their reward is in their grasp - and after they have amused the ones really in power - they will all be killed.

So what do "we" do? Survive. We know the planet better than they do, even with all their technology. These aliens have enemies, and these enemies know that on Earth, this bunch will get sloppy, and shall we say "the enemy of our enemy is our friend?" Be true to who you are, prepare as well as you can but do not be greedy, and learn to recognize when a friend or loved one is lost (to the programming) and cut them loose before they betray you. Begin this process now if you have not already done so.

In closing, do not lose faith that there is something like the God you may have loved. There is. It has no name, no face, and no place because it is everywhere, in everything, and your spirits are parts of its being. What you have been taught is god is a little g god, a pretender, and a deceiver. That doesn't make wrong your concept in the larger sense, which derives from your innermost knowing of truth. You deserve a better God; it is time to connect with the real one...the one you will never see separated from the Creation, never proclaim himself a god, and never, ever, ask you to go to "holy" war, give him tribute, or kneel before him.
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