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Message Subject The Truth about Satan. The Fall of Mankind in the 20th Century, and our Coming Alien Visitors.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
i like youre post youre thoughts but you have to realise this also......

just like on the samll scale here on earth people band together and you know all the reasons why.
whatever works on the large can also work in the small
and vice versa.
the people from other planets dont just consolidate
and work together on their planet but on many planets for
basically the same reasons individuals do here.
and against others groups or planets with their agendas.
what we are facing here on earth is not one or two but
a whole coilition of aliens all with a history and commonplace
working together to control this planet and its people.
this is simple because to understand this without looking at the bullshit around us you have to simplify what you are learning and connect it to other simplifed and understood facts.
simply like this the devil the reps the greys the archons
are all part of a group working together for mutual benefit
and survival.
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