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Message Subject The Truth about Satan. The Fall of Mankind in the 20th Century, and our Coming Alien Visitors.
Poster Handle Prometheus.Locke
Post Content
There is no way for humanity to effect the flow of events that has been started. Moving on to other stars is not in the plan for ALL of humanity at this time.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1941798

OP, I hope you do not confuse me with this Canadian.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 38695532

I definitely didn't, thanks for caring :)

Definitely different caliber of mind control victim, that's for sure.


Taxi driver comes forward, one week following largest incident of the year, with a story of confession, immediately makes national news.

Hello. If you didn't know, Taxi drivers have been part of a network of conspirators with drug cartels and the mafia for the better part of the last 30 years. Sounds off the wall right?

I'ts not:
[link to en.wikipedia.org] right there, in black and white, on wikipedia.
So, this illuminati thing that you don't believe in anymore.. guess what it really is?

It's globalization hits organized crime. Drug cartels, Italian rackets, and get this; a huge network of corrupt cops and federal agents, all working together to fuck little old you.

Doesn't make sense to you? So what, they bribe people, pay them off, and what, keep track of it in a little black book, reading it briefly between the cigar and trip to the strip club?

Are you stupid?

This is the 21st century... they've been using computers to store who they pay off for the better part of twenty years. Guess what, globalization came, and now everyone knows who everyone else paid, and they have access to bribe and blackmail them about it. They can communicate using a communication system so covert, it's practically untraceable... and they are using it to conspire to commit crime.

Don't believe it? I really can't understand why.. please tell me why you are all so blind?

The Hell's Angels have PROMIS, you'd be doing yourself, and your view of the last 30 years of American History a great favor by reading about PROMIS, Inslaw and how it relates to Iran Contra, and the Bush Family.
[link to starkravingviking.blogspot.com]

I've been trying to hammer into your heads that there is a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy opposing us around the world for the last months, and you seem to not want to believe it. Here's the problem. Domestic terrorism is one of the weapons this group of organized crime syndicates is using to help overthrow the government. They've been actively doing since 9/11, out in plain site, and nobody has even tried to stop them.
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