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My take on the boston bombing and other FF's...

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04/23/2013 09:54 AM
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My take on the boston bombing and other FF's...
SO I have to believe that pretty much every false flag could be done so accurately and precisely that not even the most in depth investigation into by truth seekers would find any evidence of a FF. It would 100% appear as a real terror activity.

The technology the government (black OP departments) has is outrageous. To be this sloppy like at the marathon is just meant to create dissonance between the sheeple still asleep and the critical thinkers. This is designed this way to create tension and turbulence. It was done on purpose to leave trails of it being an obvious inside job.

They can have secret military underground bases with greys working side by side with terrestrials but to have a huge slip up in a small bombing to me sounds far fetched. ha

thats all I have but if anyone wants to expand on that please do!