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To the Ladies and Men

Offer Upgrade

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United States
04/23/2013 06:45 PM

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To the Ladies and Men
I would like to share what I have been doing.
Its called Arbonne.com
I have become a consultant, but before I sell
I am trying the products, well ladies,
I am taking the hormone replacement and the
daily vitamin pack and I am telling you along with Faith..

I wish I could share my samples, but as I take these, I just had to share that with you. It is a green company.
They also have very good products. There is a distribution company here in Indy...

But it is a vegan company,
So if you want to try anything
please put my name
Monika Heath
my Id # is 13633690

If anyone knows my story, this is really an awesome turn around. But Faith along with change and Love for All and loving yourself forgiving.... It just is a wonderful package... We might as well do business for something good that can add to the enviornment... "US"

This lady that got me started, her husband had prostrate cancer and took these vitamins and with all his faith and love for God and these vitamins the equation fits for inner healing. For anyone who has suffered from addiction, it really puts everything back in to one with vitamins and minerals. Also they have a wholesome way to cleanse your colon.. so just giving you heads up...
Have a wonderful day!!! Wish you all Love and prosperity, in heart mind and soul....

my friend makes 1000.00 a month with selling by word of mouth. It cost 75.00 a yr to shop with them and get the discount of 35%......

but if you want to order you will have to use my id# above or contact me monikaheath4@gmail..

I don't mean to do a sale pitch but then I am, but I just feel great and I want to see all of you feel good too..

May all you be blessed, grasp your dreams of heaven and bring it in the now....we have to.. to over come this dreadful end of the world scenerio... if it ends? well I am going to not waste anytime in loveing and supporting a cause and that is standing up for healthy products for all of us..

I love you all...

We all are diamonds in the rough...when we take care of our selves and chip away the false identity, we find a sparkling diamond within...
Yeshua/Christ Jesus/Esu Sananda/Christ Michael Aton/CM/ATON was Jesus Christ oversoul as he walked the earth,set up the Kingdom of Heaven within. To get to Father/Mother God is through your own Heart Portal, we have been gifted the HOly Spirit/HigherSelf as our guide.

[link to www.machiventamelchizedek.org]

Thread: Starships above my home

Love yourself, and your world will heal around you like the waves in the ocean. When ONe unites with the Holy Spirit/HigherSelf, it becomes your mate, you are inlove with the Divine within, then comes the relationship for he is the direct line to Father Source so you experience that connection, so then it becomes your rule of measure as to who knows the FAther, The kingdom is within...
The Path to the New World is guilt, shame, and regret free.

Dear Father Mother God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change what I can (Me) and the wisdom to know the difference. I AM getting better everyday. Truly.......

God's dream is our Destiny...Light and Life. We can do it.
Spirituality + Technology= Balance into Light and Life.

A personal decree " That I will be harmless to myself and others"


[link to heartsongmeditation.wordpress.com (secure)]