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Subject Why the Illuminati does what it does?
Poster Handle Luke CosmicWalker(Fooled)
Post Content
Let's journey through time and space to the remote corners of conspiracy theory...

They are very rich bankers...

They are bureaucrats gone insane...

Could they be reptilians from another planet???

They engineer world disaster events to shape the future of the world...

The question is why?

Global domination? Power? Control? Money? For the heck of it?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. But most importantly they want "you" to end up in Hell.

Just like the sheep that is fed, fed, fed so it is nice and fat later to be devoured, and for their appetite to be fulfilled with your savory taste. Your sins fatten you, your vices spice you up, with your soul lost, you are theirs to be devoured. They don't call them the "Fed"s for nothing LOL 1rof1

So the next time you go partying, drinking, binging, doing meaningless things because its "fun", fighting, protesting, fearing NWO, the horror films, the Illuminati funded adult industry...think what you are being fed. I said this before, they want you to be frightened of the New World Order...they want you to revolt and protest. Look at the movies and TV shows lately ( Defiance, Revolution, Rebellion, Hunger Games, Red Dawn, Boston Marathon false flag attacks...). It was rightly said by a righteous Man, "resist no evil".

When we go deeper into all of this, we come to a terrifying conclusion, the Illuminati is a very secret evil society with deep roots in occultism. They stole their title from the real pure thing, corrupted its meaning and called themselves the "Illuminati". "The Dark Ones" would have been more fitting for them, for their Light is Dark.

No man could possibly be so divorced from the rest of humanity. Many of us would call the rest of humanity our brothers. How is it, that these people that were born out of their mother's womb, had their milk, played their games with their siblings, ate their food, grew up like the rest of us, be so terribly cold. So cold that they wouldn't mind killing billions. No, no...these people are being influenced by an other worldly power. Or lets say a Lower Power, since he resides in Hell.

So why do they do, what they do? What is the core reason of what propels them in their evil deeds? This question could also be applied to Angels. Why do Angels want to help people? Heal people, spread happiness to people?

The opposite would be true for Demons. And TPTB follow their evil Master. The one who failed in his true mission more than 18 million years ago. And now he dwells in the depth of the pit...
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