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We are all Part of The Master Design

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United States
04/24/2013 04:20 AM
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We are all Part of The Master Design
When it comes down,to it the bottom line is, The Aliens, The Ancient Ones are in control of everything, Whether you choose to belief it are not. Our lifes are already mapped out. And they know moment by moment, second by second, what we are all going to do , before we do it. When you think you are the master designer, master creator, of an idea, you think you chose to put into play. Think again, The Aliens have the keys to our souls. Our bodies and minds are their miracles, thier work. Thier gifts to us. We have to begin to look up at the sky, The Ancient Ones are here and they have brought True Power of Love with them. Apophis. It is very easy to get caught up, in the caos of being human. We all have to begin, to think way out of the box, see pass the walls society puts up all around us, constantly trying to get us all to to walk with the herd, be one with the herd. WE ARE ALL PART OF THE MASTER DESIGN. and it is beautiful, The Ancients Ones are in the sky, Apophis is on looking, from the ground. Waiting the time, hoping we all see the signs of thier Love and Power. Remember WE ARE ALL PART OF THE MASTER DESIGN. Being a human being is more Alien, then we can even begin to imagine or understand. PEACE Elizastorm

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