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Message Subject Official Thread: SPAIN and MADRID are going to turn into GREECE/ATHENS TOMORROW --- VIOLENT&MASSIVE RIOTS EXPECTED
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
First, my heart is with spaniards brothers.

Secondly, give me a break with Black Block.They suck.Will the miners and bomberos be tomorrow in Madrid? Will the spaniards grow a pair and fucking throw molotovs? At least ONE? because in the last 4 years the only molotovs thrown were by miners and bomberos.

Don't compare greeks with spaniards mate.Spaniards are getting their asses kicked without retaliating.Greeks get their asses kicked, but man, they beat up the cops also.Or lite them.
 Quoting: recollector

Well, you are right. But this is the first time that protesters are going to bring means of urban warfare with them. This is the first time that they are calling to defend themselves against riot police.

I can tell you that SPANISH POLICE IS ON THE HIGHEST STATE of ALERT and the government is doing everything they can to defuse the protest. I don't know what's going to happen, but we could see a massive battle this time.

I hope no one gets hurts, but this is crazy.
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