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Message Subject Applied Kinesiology - Real or Fake?
Poster Handle LisaDiane
Post Content
It is very real.

I have gone to a practitioner
for several years and what she identified, I later confirmed with positive results through medical tests.

Her supplements and homeopathic remedies
would resolve the issues without any side effects.

I then learned how to do a form of this myself, and have practiced on friends and relatives. I can rate a person's organs on a scale of one to ten, to determine if an organ needs support.

I can also tell a person what their nutritional deficiencies are, etc. and how suitable a medicine or supplement is for your body.

It is really quite fascinating.

FYI Your husband does have a mold issue ( but this is more commonly referred to as a fungal infection). Surely you have heard of athetes foot, jock itch, or yeast infection. Candida ( yeast infection can be systemic, which means an internal infection in your body or blood).

Your husband also needs support for his prostrate and his immune system. His liver is not functioning as well as it should, as he drinks too much beer.
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